Schreib Genealogy

and why I am trying to collect all the Schreib information I can...

The family name Schreib is not very common. It has also been known to be written as Schreip (Schreib and Schreip are pronounced almost identically in German).

I am descended from a line of Schreib folk who came from the town of Wilsnack, in an area known as Prignitz in the state of Brandenburg, Germany formerly Prussia. Since 1928 Wilsnack has been an official spa town and so its name became Bad Wilsnack (pronounced 'But Vilsnuck'). Four generations are associated with the town of Wilsnack and surrounding towns of Perleberg and Blandikow and then in the late 1800's, some of the family dispersed, some went to other places within Germany and four siblings (August Schreib, Otto Schreib, Anna Schreib and Karl Schreib, went to the USA, and Karl (my great grandfather) later went on to South Africa. Their tree is documented at I know that parts of the family were still in Bad Wilsnack in 1934 because Karl went back for a golden wedding anniversary and visited family in Bad Wilsnack.

I am descended from Karl Schreib who went to South Africa and most of my family still lives there but I now live in the USA and I have managed to trace the decendents of Otto Schreib.

Anna Schreib settled in Hoboken, NJ, with her husband Paul Schwarze. They produced four sons. Karl and his wife and daughter visited them in 1901. Later she is believed to have married a Mr. Wunderlich. According to the Ellis Island records, another SCHREIB couple - Karl and Augusta - visited Anna + Paul Schwartz at 96 Adams Street, Hoboken 13 February 1905. I would like to know who this Karl Schreib was...

What happened to August Schreib is unknown. He is said to have gone to Chicago.

When looking at Schreib records in the USA I find that there are two large clusters centered around Rochester, NY. One of these lines is from Liepen, Mecklenburg, Germany. Mecklenburg is adjacent to Brandenburg. The other originates in the same village Kemnitz where my ancestors came from. The exact connection has not yet been determined.

There is another set of Schreib people in Illinois. Some of this group are linked back to Perleberg and Gross Linden (Groß Linden) which is only about 8 miles from Bad Wilsnack. I wonder if August went to Chicago because he already had relatives there?

There is also another small tree fragment of Schreib people in Billerica, MA with links back to New York. I am now in contact with a few people from that tree!

Because the name is so uncommon and because so many seem to come from the same small area in Germany, I suspect that many are closely related and so I have decided to try and collect all the information I can in order to try and piece all the information together. If you are a Schreib or are related in any way, I would be very keen to hear from you. You can email me at Please be assured that my interest is purely for private genealogical research only and has no commercial aspect. I am also sensitive to privacy issues and I do not place details of people who may still be living on the web. If you have an interest in your own ancestry you may find that I can provide information on your tree going back to 1600!

An interesting reference

I have a copy of a publication called: "Der Familienname Schreib-Schreip und sein Vorkommen in der Prignitz in älterer Zeit" von W. Schreip in "Unsere Prignitz 5", 1929, 38. Seite 149-151.

The title means: The surname Schreib-Schreip and its origins in the Prignitz in olden times.

A quote from this publication: In der Zeit von 1540 bis 1686 etwa finden den Familiennamen hauptsächlich in den Dörfern um Perleberg herum: Rohlsdorf, Lübzow, Groß Linde, Kreuzburg; in neuerer Zeit auch in anderen Dörfern

Which means: From 1540 through 1686 the surname was found mainly in the towns around Perleberg: Rohlsdorf, Lübzow, Groß Linde, Kreuzburg, recently also in other towns...

What do we know at present?

Major breakthough!

In December 2006 I was contacted by Aimee who said that her mother Michelle was a Schreib and had a big Schreib tree. I begged for a copy and Michelle very kindly sent me a copy of the tree. What a treasure! It is huge and goes back to the 1600s and included not only my family but also numerous other Schreib tree fragments that I had collected over the years. As of January 2007 I still have not worked through all the data that is on the chart.

The chart was constructed in the late 1950s and early 1960s by a Siegfried Schreib in Germany. I found his telephone number in the German telephone directory and called his house, but unfortunatly he is in hospital and will be for some time.

Schreib people known to be related to me can be browsed at
The Illinois line descends from Charles Schreib and Caroline Wendt (originally from Perleberg and Gross Linde).
The Billerica line starts with Harry Schreib and Pearl Thorp
Werner Schreib (1925-1969) was a well recognized German artist. Through this page I have been contacted by his daughter and now have information on his line that originates from Berlin.
The Rochester line starts with Christian Schreib and Carol Rosow in the town of Kemnitz. I am confident that we will find that Christian was the son of Joachim Ernst SCHREIP and his first wife with the maiden name of Grabau

The first 4 generations from Christian Schreib

Christian Schreib b. 1769, Kemnitz
+Carol Rosow b. 1779, Prignitz
|--Adam Schreib b. Feb 1793
|--Elis Schreib b. 1798, Prignitz
|--Carl Schreib b. Sep 1811, Klein Vielen, d. 5 May 1893, (Pittsford Cemetery, (later known as Charles)
| NY, USA)
| +Christine Haas b. 1822, d. Abt 1890, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA) (later known as Crystal)
| |--Frederick Schreib b. 1843, Germany, d. 1922, (Mt. Hope Cemetery)
| | +Friedrika Voss b. 1847, Germany, m. 24 Oct 1873, Trinitatis Church,
| | Rochester, NY, USA, d. 1943, (Mt. Hope Cemetery)
| | |--Christian Schreib b. 1876, USA
| | |--Herman F Schreib b. 1874, USA, d. 1950
| | |--Rudolph Schreib b. 7 Oct 1875, Brighton, NY, USA, d. 3 Nov 1970, (Mt.
| | | Hope Cemetery)
| | |--Charles Schreib b. 1876, USA, d. 1943, (Mt. Hope Cemetery)
| | |--Friederick Schreib b. 1876, USA, d. 1935, (Mt. Hope Cemetery)
| | |--Lena Schreib b. 1878, USA, d. 1934, (Mt. Hope Cemetery)
| | |--Frank Schreib b. 1887, Brighton, NY, USA, d. Oct 1921, Elmwood Av,
| | | Brighton, Rochester, NY, USA
| |--Johanna Schreib b. 1850, Germany, d. 1931
| | +Fred Peters b. 1846, Germany, d. 1931
| | |--Minnie Peters b. Abt 1871, Germany
| | |--Annie Peters b. Abt 1878, USA
| | |--John Peters b. Abt 1880, USA
| | |--Rose Peters b. Abt 1883, USA
| | |--Fred Peters b. Abt 1886, USA
| | |--Elsa A Peters b. 1891, USA, d. 1915, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| | |--Emily Peters b. 1895, d. 1935, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| |--Auguste Schreib b. 1853
| |--Carl F Schreib b. Abt 20 Dec 1855, Germany, d. 31 Mar 1948, (Pittsford
| | Cemetery, NY, USA)
| | +Mary Wolf b. Abt 30 Jan 1860, USA, d. 1941, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY,
| | USA)
| | |--Jessie? Schreib
| | |--Julius W Schreib b. 7 Dec 1888, USA, d. 5 Aug 1963, (Oakwood Cemetery,
| | | Penfield, NY, USA)
| | |--Harry Frederick Schreib b. 1891, Brighton, Monroe, New York, d. 17 Apr
| | | 1959, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| | |--George Henry Schreib b. Abt 1893, Brighton, Monroe, New York, d. 1 Oct
| | | 1958, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| | |--Jennie M Schreib b. Abt 1901
| |--August Schreib b. 5 Apr 1858, Mecklenburg, Germany, d. 10 May 1924,
| | (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| | +Augusta Dettman b. 1862, Pittsford, NY, USA, m. 27 Oct 1881, Rochester,
| | NY, d. 18 Oct 1918, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| | |--Fred Schreib b. 4 May 1883, USA, d. Mar 1922, Rochester, NY, USA
| | |--Louis Schreib b. 4 May 1883, d. Abt Mar 1889
| | |--Minnie R Schreib b. 12 Feb 1886, USA, d. 13 Oct 1942, Pittsford,
| | | Monroe Co., NY
| | |--Raymond Herman Schreib b. 16 May 1890, USA, d. 8 Mar 1951
| | |--Harriet Marie Schreib b. 12 Apr 1892, Rochester, NY, d. 1959, Oakfield
| | | , Genessee Co., NY
| | |--Edward H. Schreib b. Abt 1893, d. 16 Apr 1941
| | |--Harvey R Schreib b. 12 Jun 1895, Rochester, NY, USA, d. 13 Dec 1965
| | |--August Frederick Schreib b. 24 Sep 1902, Rochester, NY, USA, d. 4 Feb
| | | 1981, F Thompson Hospital, Canandaigua, NY, USA
| | |--Clarence Adam Schreib b. 2 Mar 1906, d. 14 Feb 1961, (Lot 1405,
| | | Oakwood Cemetery, Penfield, NY, USA)
| |--Heinrich Schreib b. 1859, Germany, d. 15 Jun 1898
| | +Bertha Yost b. Mar 1859, Pomerania, Germany, m. 23 Nov 1882, Rochester,
| | NY, d. 31 Aug 1906
| | |--Martha Schreib b. Sep 1882, NY, USA
| | |--Charles Schreib b. Oct 1887, NY, USA
| | |--Albert Schreib d. 8 Aug 1891, Pinnacle Avenue
| | |--Henry Albert Schreib b. 3 May 1891, Brighton, Monroe, New York, d. 26
| | | Aug 1958, NY
| | |--Jeanette Schreib b. Jan 1894, NY, USA
| |--Maria Schreib b. 1864, d. Oct 1944, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| +Henry Grube b. 1855, d. 22 Feb 1918, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| |--Edith Grube b. Abt 1887
| |--Frankie Grube b. 1890, d. 1894, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| |--Frederick August Grube b. Abt 1895
| |--Edward Grube b. 1895, d. 1935, (Pittsford Cemetery, NY, USA)
| |--Henry Joseph Grube b. Abt 1899
| |--Roy J Grube b. Abt 1905
| +Albert H Rosin m. 1925
|--Caroline Schreib b. 1814, Klein Vielen
|--Ange Rose Schreib b. Dec 1816, Liepen Bei Kratzeburg, ,
| Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Germany

Berlin address books

Since many of the Schreib families drifted to Berlin I have been extracting all the Schreib entries from the Berlin address books. Please see the Schreibs in Berlin page I have dedicated to that effort.

Telephone book entries

The following Schreib names are listed for Perleberg as of 2004-11-16 (
If you are one of these people, please make contact - I am sure you can fill in some of the Schreib puzzle:
  • Heizung-Sanitär SCHREIB & SERK HAUSTECHNIK GmbH (0 38 76) 30 18 52
    19348 Perleberg, Tannenhof 2
  • Schreib Giesela (0 38 76) 78 66 66
    19348 Groß Linde, Landstr. 5
  • Schreib Gundula (0 38 76) 78 89 04
    19348 Perleberg, Friedrichstr. 33A
  • Schreib Hans-Karl (0 38 76) 61 42 40
    19348 Perleberg, Reetzer Str. 15
  • Schreib Kathleen 0 17 32 06 02 76
    19348 Perleberg, Friedrichstr. 33
  • Schreib Ronald (0 38 76) 78 98 76
    19348 Groß Linde, Landstr. 5
  • Schreib Rüdiger (0 38 76) 78 76 44
    19348 Perleberg, Heinrich-Heine-Str. 43D
  • Schreib & Serk Haustechnik GmbH 0 17 36 21 95 42
    19348 Perleberg, Norderstedter Str. 2
  • Schreib & Serk Haustechnik GmbH 0 17 36 21 98 23
    19348 Perleberg, Norderstedter Str. 2
  • Schreib Simone (0 38 76) 78 74 03
    19348 Perleberg, Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 5
  • Schreib u. Serk Haustechnik GmbH (0 38 76) 30 18 52
    19348 Perleberg, Tannenhof 2
  • California Death Index

    Place of Birth
    Place of Death
    Mothers maiden Name
    Source: California Deaths, 1940 - 1997. Family Tree Legends Records Collection (Online Database). Pearl Street Software, 2004-2005

    US world War I registration entries

    Name, date of birth (m/d/y), place of birth
  • Otto K. Schreib 7/27/1897 Cook IL
  • Charles Frederick Schreib 1/23/1885 Iroquois IL
  • William Schreib 10/26/1877 Iroquois IL
  • Raymond Schreib 9/8/1873 Baltimore MD
  • Albert Martin Schreib 6/27/1880 Saginaw MI
  • Harvey R. Schreib 6/12/1895 Detroit MI
  • Carl E. Schreib 9/25/1891 Buffalo NY
  • George Rudolph Schreib 7/14/1889 Buffalo NY
  • Charles Schreib 10/22/1889 Monroe NY
  • Charles Frederic Schreib 11/9/1876 Monroe NY
  • Fred Schreib 5/4/1883 Monroe NY
  • Henry Schreib 5/3/1891 Monroe NY
  • Rudolph August Schreib 10/7/1875 Monroe NY
  • George Henry Schreib 10/19/1892 Monroe NY
  • Julius M. Schreib 12/7/1888 Monroe NY
  • Frank Schreib 10/24/1886 Rochester NY
  • Frederick Charles Schreib Jr. 11/9/1876 Rochester NY
  • Herman Schreib 8/5/1874 Rochester NY
  • Raymond Herman Schreib 5/16/1890 Orleans NY
  • Roy Schreib 4/10/1884 Garfield OK
  • Alexander Joachim Schreib 11/3/1884 Alleghany PA
  • Joseph Charles Schreib 11/14/1897 Alleghany PA
  • William Robert Frances Schreib 2/15/1889 Alleghany PA
  • Erwin Thomas Schreib 9/11/1889 Lehigh PA
  • Otto Albert Schreib 10/16/1888 Walla Walla WA
  • George Schreib 7/16/1887 Hamburg Germany
  • Kindly extracted from by Janet Martin


    I would like to thank all those who have shared data with me in any way.
  • Marian Flagg and Evelyn Schreib were able to provide lots of information on the descendants of Otto Schreib
  • Bob Bovie supplied me with the descendents of Charles Schreib and Caroline Wendt.
  • Karola Kaspschak supplied me with lots of fragments of Schreib trees from Germany which enabled me to find lost relatives in Hamburg. - update: Karola's line is also connected to mine!
  • Kendra Ferries sent me Rochester obituaries and jail records.
  • Lisa Crawford posted a tree of Rochester Schreib data at but I have not been able to contact her as her posted email address is no longer valid. (Lisa please contact me!)
  • Ed Finigan shared his information on the 'Billerica' line that originates in New York.
  • Michelle and Aimee Dellerman who sent me the best set of Schreib data I have ever seen.
  • Loretta Anderson, Ron Erlwein, Nancy Martinez & Dewey Erlwein for sharing their Schreib information - which thanks to the 'Dellerman chart' is also connected to my tree.
  • Ingeburg Witholz who send me an early Schreib/Schreip tree constructed from data from the late Friedhelm Hann who transcribed numerous church registers. The early tree matches large parts of the Dellerman Chart and also includes many details not on the Dellerman chart.
  • Sandi Schreib has contacted me and we are working on her line of Schreibs from the Allegheny, PA area. (update: we are connected!
  • Alberta Schreib and Mary Schreib from Rochester have filled in many gaps in the Roscheter Schreib tree.
  • A. Weishäupl from Czeck Republic has sent me a list of Schreib names that lived in the town called Philippshütte (philipova hute) - who date from 1778 through to the early 1900s. This is a branch completely new to my research as of September 2007.
  • Sean Aucoin helped with the 'Billerica' set.
  • Russ Mechler is researching his Rochester Schreib ancestors and managed to tie together the Schreib-Voss line with the Charles+Crystal line.
  • Eka Lemm has pieced together many Schreib families from on-line data as part of her own genealogy work and shared a tremendous amount of information which has helped tie in a number of tree fragments at last.
  • In addition to the larger contributions above, numerous people have corresponded with me and filled in data and corrected errors for parts of their tree - thank you all.
  • Thanks you also to all those people who transcribe obituaries, cemetery and parish records and maintain numerous genealogy web sites and mailing lists.

  • Wilsnack history and Genealogy

    As a result of the Schreib research I also started collecting genealogical data for Wilsnack and the surrounding area and you can see a snapshot at Wilsnack history and Genealogy

    Schreib map

    I have started making a map showing how the various Schreib lines moved from place to place.
    View Schreib Map
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